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 General information about Precious Gemstones and Semi-precious gemstones , and also about the Healing features f gemstones and semi-precious stones.

Agate - This stone discerns the truth, accepts circumstances, powerful emotional healer.
Alexandrite - enhances the rebirth of inner and outer self, promotes awareness.
Amazonite - aligns astral bodies, unity with life, enhances creative expression.
Amber- calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, finds humor and joy.
Amethyst - encourages inner peace, fights addictive behavior, transforms energy.
Apatite - good for communication, highly psychic, controls weight gain.
Aquamarine - banishes fears, calms nerves, imparts strength and control.
Aventurine - independence, strong legs and joints, helps in career change.
Blue Lace Agate - expands consciousness, soothing, wise, public speaking.
Cornelian - releases sorrow, envy, fear, apathy, and rage.
Chalcedony - expression of emotional needs, honesty, alleviates regret.
Charoite - accelerates spiritual growth, enhances self-esteem, and ability to love.
Chrysocolla - communication, female energy, creativity, relieves ulcers and arthritis.
Chrysoprase - prevents depression, increases grace and equilibrium.
Citrine - cleans auras, detoxifies the body, aids tissue regeneration.
Coral - protection from evil, increases imagination, resolves conflicts.
Diamond - brings forth purity, harmony, and love, also brings abundance.
Dolomite - reduces body aches, stress, sorrow; helps growth of muscles, hair, nails, etc.
Emerald - secures love, attracts wealth, profitable dreaming.
Fluorite - aids comprehension, strengthens teeth and bones, stabilizing and calming.
Garnet - increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow.
Gold - purifying, healing, balancing, attracts honors, masculine energy.
Gypsum - relieves stagnation, offers level-headedness.
Hematite - grounding, promotes common sense and level headedness.
Hessonite - clears negativity, eliminates feelings of inferiority, promotes positive change.
Iolite - gives accurate visions, releases discord, strengthens liver, soul connector.
Jade - reduces eyestrain and negativity, promotes longevity, dreams.
Jasper - powerful physical healer, protects against negatitivy.
Kundalini Quartz -primal energy, raises Kundalini, grounding.
Kyanite - promotes clarity and understanding in dreamwork, enhances creativity.
Labradorite - brings recognition of destiny, connects one with the elements.
Lapis Lazuli - strenghtens total awareness, ESP, skeleton, thyroid, creativity.
Malachite - lucky money stone, aids sleep, asthma, and labor, intense and probing.
Moonstone - lucky love stone, calming, introspective, assists with emotional release.
Onyx - relieves stress and grief, strengthens self-control and morality.
Opal - recalls past lives, aids inner beauty, faithfulness, and eyesight.
Peridot - opens new doors, removes stress, fear, guilt, activates personal growth.
Quartz - programmable stone, breaks bad habits, headaches, channeling stone.
Rhodonite - energy in trauma, assuredness, helps one achieve the greatest potential.
Rose Quartz - reduces weight, wrinkles; increases self-assuredness, love stone.
Ruby - mental balance, improves circulation, protects sensitive natures.
Sapphire - goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone.
Silver - energy conductor, eases stress and improves speech, feminine energy.
Smokey Quartz - relieves depression, tension, balances sexual energies.
Sodalite - prophetic dreaming, endocrine system, eliminates confusion.
Sugilite - aids physical healing, reduces stress, strengthens heart, emotional balancer.
Sunstone - dissipates fearfulness, increases vitality, spiritual growth.
Tanzanite- stone of magic, facilitates spiritual awareness, stimulates insight.
Tektite - wisdom through life experience, prevents emotional scars.
Tiger Eye - psychic protector, great for business, helps achieve clarity.
Tiger Iron - enhances creativity through meditation, good for motivation on all levels.
Topaz - tissue regeneration, kidneys and bladder, enhances understanding.
Tourmaline - relieves fatigue, anemia, increases success and love.
Turquoise - friendship, mental relaxation, respiratory system.
Unakite - enhanses sense of personal power, converts the negative into the positive.



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