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Gemstone Round Beads
Available in all sizes - 2 mm to 9 mm

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2 mm Ametheyst beads

3 mm Ametheyst beads


Gemstone Round Beads

Round Beads are the most common beads shape used worldwide. We have all gemstones , precious & semi-precious, in round shape.

Round beads are simple and beautiful as well. Even one strand of round beads in neck gives a great look for beads lovers.

Please do ask for discount over 50 strands of one gemstones. We also offer good discounts on Bulk buying of Gemstone Round Beads.

The weight of beads are per gram of 16 inch long strand.

Please buy them online at this following URL :


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KC0004 - 2 mm Ametheyst - Weight-3.50

KC0042 - 3 mm Ametheyst - Weight-7.50

4 mm Ametheyst (Brazil) beads

4 mm Ametheyst beads

KC0080 - 4 mm Ametheyst (Brazil) - Weight-10.00

KC0079 - 4 mm Ametheyst - Weight-10.00

5 mm Ametheyst Brazilian beads

5 mm Ametheyst beads

KC0118 - 5 mm Ametheyst Brazilian - Weight-14.00

KC0117 - 5 mm Ametheyst - Weight-17.50

5 mm Aquamarine beads

4 mm Black Stone beads

KC0121 - 5 mm Aquamarine - Weight-15.00

KC0095 - 4 mm Black Stone - Weight-8.50

 5 mm Black Stone beads

5 mm Brown Tiger beads

KC0133 - 5 mm Black Stone - Weight-14.00

KC0124 - 5 mm Brown Tiger - Weight-13.00

3 mm Citrine beads 5 mm Citrine beads

KC0043 - 3 mm Citrine - Weight-5.50

KC0119 - 5 mm Citrine - Weight-15.00

 3 mm Cornilian beads 4 mm Cornilian beads

KC0052 - 3 mm Cornilian - Weight-4.00

KC0090 - 4 mm Cornilian - Weight-10.50

5 mm Cornilian beads 2 mm Crystal beads

KC0128 - 5 mm Cornilian - Weight-16.50

KC0001 - 2 mm Crystal - Weight-2.50


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